Events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland

September 23rd, 2016 by Ben Goldacre in bad science | No Comments »

Hi there, I’m doing a few events in Australia and NZ this week: in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland (only 25 tickets left), and Brisbane. Here‘s a good fun interview I did with The Conversation that gets very nerdy, on the poor state of science, COMPare, statins, reproducibility and transparency. I’ll post a big backlog of interviews, and papers, over the next week or two. So, come, come, I’ll see you in Oz!

Thu 22 Sep: BCEC, Brisbane

Fri 23 Sep: THE PLENARY, MCEC, Melbourne

Sat 24 Sept: MERCURY THEATRE, Auckland

Sun 25 Sept: ENMORE THEATRE, Sydney

Tickets and details here.


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