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For all your MMR-defending nutritionist-bashing rational-empiricist post-enlightenment fashion requirements, and at very reasonable prices. Including the “MMR is safe ~ tell your friends” range, perfect for parents’ evenings, barbecues, dinner parties, and street fighting.

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“Bad Science” Placebo Pills £8.99

Exploit the power of the mind-body connection while your consciousness isn’t looking. These Placebo tablets come in blisterpacks of 12, in their own Bad Science approved Placebo packaging. This medication has been proven effective in more clinical trials than any other. Rebrand the pills and imbue them with cultural meaning to your own nefarious ends. A limited edition of 100 packets. Placebo: because a doctor gave it to you. A limited edition which has, to my complete astonishment, sold out.

Bad Science Diplomas

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The Bad Science Amazon Store is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me to make money out of your innate desire to consume knowledge. There’s an expanding list of excellent books, click here and help me pay my webhosting fees:


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